Free Printable Valentines!

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By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home, LLC

Don't you just love it!?!

It's the best month to shower our little ones with extra love!! The best part is...they shower it right back on us!

Valentine hearts get painted, drawn, colored, and cut out of construction paper.

Valentine stickers get stuck on just about everything.... and I mean EVERYTHING. ;-)

I absolutely love this time of year!! <3 

Free Printable Valentines

To celebrate our love for music, I designed these cute & fun Musical Valentines for you and your child to easily print, cut, sign and hand out to friends.

Tape a lollipop to the back, shower the back with heart stickers, or fold them and seal with your favorite stickers. 

To make these Valentines stand out you'll need:

1. White Card Stock

2. Color Printer for best results.

3. Scissors to cut on the dotted lines. 

If you're short on time, download the file and send it off to a printer! I sent these off to a local printer and they turned out fabulous! With 6 to a page, I only needed a few copies to cover my daughter's valentines for her classmates at school.

Make a Border for a Bigger Valentine: 

For an even bigger valentine card, create a backing that will become a border! First, print the Valentines on regular paper or card stock and cut them out. Next, grab construction paper or colored card stock for the backing/border. Lay the cut-out valentine on the card stock and cut out rectangles that are large enough to create a beautiful border for your valentines. Glue your valentine onto the construction paper or colored card stock rectangles to create a gorgeous card! 

Decorate the back of the valentines (or your valentine border) with these adorable heart stickers (430 stickers in one pack!)! 

I hope you and your little one have a LOVE-ly Valentine's Day! 

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  • These are so CUTE! My daughter is going to love these. Can’t wait to show her tomorrow. I’m sending them to my printer right now. Thank you for saving me the cost of store bought Valentines!

    Katy on

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