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 By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home, LLC

Have you been looking for new ways to enrich long days at home with your little? 
Are you wanting more than mindless screen time, messy crafts, and fighting over the same toy (again)?

Are you schooling your child at home and need to find music education curriculum that meets school standards? 

I've got you covered! 

Musik at Home brings all the benefits of music education right into the comfort of your own home. 400 activities across 4 different class levels provide endless fun, learning & priceless moments together for ages 0-7. 

Here are five reasons to add Musik at Home to your weekly routine!

1. Your child will love it! Music and movement are part of a child's DNA and they will adore the beautiful songs, rhythms, and rhymes that engage their heart and mind. Simply turn on a Musik at Home class and watch what happens. 


2. You will love it! Music education develops language, literacy, cognitive, and coordination skills. But best of all, your child is naturally musical and there won’t be tears when you have music time. 

Musik at Home classes are your invitation to climb into your child's world of imaginative play and naturally connect with your child. You'll cherish the smiles, snuggles, and musical moments together. 

3. Musik at Home meets school standards for a music education program. The developmentally appropriate concepts covered in each class give your child a holistic foundation in music education. Our classes put your child on the path to music literacy. Your child will learn how to sing solfege, chant rhythm patterns, play in ensembles, create compositions, and much more.
4. Your child is primed to learn music. A child's ability to learn music is at its height from birth to age 9 and then it begins to decline. Now is the time to invest in your child's music education for the lifelong results it brings. You don’t need to be musical - your child already is and Musik at Home makes it fun and simple for both of you.


5. You can get unlimited access free for 14 days! During these long days at home, you can get a free 14 day trial to access all Musik at Home classes.

You and your child (or children) will love learning and making music together, for free right here: All you need is one membership for the whole family. 

    While your child is having fun and enjoying all of the imaginative, musical play, Musik at Home classes are preparing your child for a lifetime of meaningful musicianship.

    And, when it comes time to learn an instrument, your child will be ready.

    It's a total win both for you and for your budding musician. 

    Oh, and here’s a bonus reason to try Musik at Home for free right now: It will give your children something to sing besides Baby Shark. 

    You’re welcome! :-)



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    • Musik at Home sessions by SweetStudy are training your child for a lifetime of meaningful musicianship while they are having fun and taking advantage of all the imaginative, musical activity.

      Joyce Wolfe on

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