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Soothing Beesilk Jr.

Soothing Beesilk Jr.

By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home, LLC

Dry, cracked hands are no fun! 

As a pianist, I need my hands to be in working condition 365 days a year.

Little ones need their hands to move, play and explore. When the skin is dry and cracked, it is hard to enjoy making music or exploring new things. 

Even worse is dry, itchy skin all over the body! Sigh...

My kids have food allergies. :-( If you are a fellow allergy mom, I totally commiserate!

Eczema is one of the symptoms of food allergies. What I've learned from doctors is that the eczema is always latent under their skin. When a child scratches it, it comes up to the surface in big red, spotty patches. If it goes untreated, a child can actually open up the skin and create an even more painful wound.  

It makes my heart hurt to see my children suffer with skin issues.

We have tried just about everything...and finally landed on a product that works!

It's literally so good and so healing that I've become passionate about helping kids (and parents) find this solution for their cracked skin and eczema issues. 

It's called Beesilk Jr. by Renee at

I am partnering with Renee to spread the word about her healing lotion for kids because it works! 

Once I started using Beesilk Jr. on my children's skin, their eczema started to calm down.

Before that, I was using what the doctor had prescribed - Aquafor.

What I found out far too late is that Aquafor is actually a petroleum based product, which means that I was trying to heal my child's skin with a potentially dangerous chemical. This chemical has been shown to contain carcinogens which can cause cancer (source).

Beesilk Jr. contains only three natural ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, and Coconut Oil.

Unlike regular lotion that comes in a pump, this comes as a lotion bar. You flip your thumb over and scrape off a little bit of the lotion bar onto your thumbnail and then apply it as needed. 

Beesilk Jr. has been a miracle for my musician hands and for my music-making girls' eczema laden skin.

Now, instead of spending time tending to broken, hurting skin, my girls are free to be kids! They especially love exploring all of the music that's inside of them on the rhythm sticks, glockenspiel, violin, piano, drums and more!  

My goal is to share resources with you that will help you thrive at home and help your child soar into music literacy! 

When you sign up to connect with me, Kathryn, here at Musik at Home, you'll also get access to a brand new summer music board game I created to help your child learn rhythm basics! I hope you love it! :-)


Get Beesilk Jr. for your child's skin. 


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