Top 5 Musical Christmas Gifts

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by Kathryn Brunner, Founder & Creator of Musik at Home

When it comes to Christmas gifts, we all want the highest value possible for the lowest cost possible. I look for gifts that will keep my girls, ages 5 & 8, active, learning, and simply enjoying the beauty of life. 

We give three types of gifts:

1. Educational gift - something that will boost a love for learning! 

2. Fun gift from their wish list - something my child will absolutely love! 

3. Imagination gift - something that will help my child play imaginatively & creatively!

My husband and I might throw other types of gifts in there, but these are our guiding principles for purchasing Christmas gifts for our kids.  

Top 5 Musical Gifts! 

Here are some of my favorite musical gifts that never stop giving! Adding one of these to your child's Christmas will open up new doors of musical growth and exploration! 

5. Instrument Kit for ages 0-8  

This instrument kit will delight children of all ages. The possibilities are endless with rhythm sticks, a shaker, and a flowing scarf. They come in an adorable cloth bag. Use the rhythm sticks to tap along with music that's playing, or create your own rhythmic beat! Shake the shaker for a fun, percussive sound. You can shake it high, low, behind your back, or you can hide it for a game of hide and seek! With the long, flowing scarf, the sky is the limit for imaginative play. Roll it up and hold it tightly in your hands, then open your hands to watch a beautiful flower bloom before your eyes. Wave it around for a delightful dancing experience. Turn it into a costume by tucking it into the back of a shirt and wear it as a cape. It's amazing how many ways these three instruments can keep on giving.


4. Glockenspiel for ages 3-8 -- On Sale for the first time ever! 

This Sonor Glockenspiel is the same one we use in all of our Musik at Home classes, except this one comes with rainbow colored bars! The bars are removable so you can simplify musical patterns and help your child play only a few notes at a time. Your child will learn the notes of a C major scale. Run your mallet up all the bars at once and picture the bright sun coming out from behind the clouds. This instrument is not only educational, it opens up new doors for the imagination!

  • Range: C3-F4; Diatonic C Major Scale
  • 13 bars with F#3 and Bb3
  • Includes 1 pair of mallets

For more amazing instrument exploration, check out our Family Music for Christmas Instrument Package! It's on sale right now too! The bundled price of this package includes the sale price of the glockenspiel!  

3. Wireless, Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for ages 6 to adult, or check out these wireless karaoke mic options for younger children.  

Who doesn't love to sing into a microphone? Kids love the chance to hear their voice amplified along with songs they know and love. The BONAOK karaoke microphone is designed with a high quality speaker, not only with a very powerful sound, but ensuring pleasant music coming from the speaker. Children can learn to sing confidently with this microphone, or one of these options for younger children. 

2. Roll Up Piano for ages 2+

Young children who have experience exploring a keyboard instrument are much more likely to succeed in learning how to play when they are older. This roll up piano is not only affordable, it's ton's of fun! It has 66 keys and an amazing sound! For just a few more dollars, you can get the 88 key version, your child will get a feel for all the keys of REAL piano. The best part of this gift is its portability! You can take it anywhere. For the aspiring pianist or current piano student, you'll never be without a keyboard for practicing on vacation, on long car rides, or at the grandparent's house to show off your skills. 

1. A Full Sized Digital Piano 

A digital piano is an amazing gift that will always keep on giving! When looking for a digital piano, look for three important things:

  1. 88 Keys
  2. Weighted keys
  3. Pedal

Your child will blossom with the opportunity to explore the sounds and feel of a digital piano. Having a piano at home changes your child's perspective on making music. No longer is making music only something other people do, but it's now something your child can do on his or her own! With exposure to a real digital piano, your child will be preparing for instrument lessons without even knowing it. Simply having time to sit at a piano is a music lesson in and of itself. 

In my own piano studio, there have been times when I have interviewed students who had never before seen a piano up close and never had the chance to touch one. It is a joy to introduce them to the wonders of the piano. However, children who have had the chance to explore the piano at home are leaps and bounds ahead of the children who haven't had the chance to do so in terms of readiness to begin piano lessons. 

In my studio, I have a Korg, a Kawai, two Rolands and a Yamaha. I love all of these brands, but the Korg brand has been an absolute winner! Watch out when you order a digital piano online because some of them don't come with a bench. Be sure you're getting a bench with your order if you need one! 

Bonus Gift that keeps on giving all year long: A Musik at Home Membership! 

Musik at Home, LLC brightens your child's future with developmental music education classes in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Your child, infant to age seven, will naturally develop a strong foundation in musicianship while bonding with you through interactive, sequential video classes. No more worrying about time, cost, or travel to give your child all of the body-mind benefits of music education! Musik at Home meets and exceeds school standards for an early childhood music education program. One affordable Musik at Home membership for the whole family offers unlimited access to over 400 musical activities, singing games, imaginative musical stories and more. Because a child's potential for learning music is at its height from birth to age seven, there's no better time to invest in music education than in the early years. Click here to start your 7 day free trial. 

Listening at Home!

Lastly, when you keep the music playing in your home this Christmas Season, you can help your child's listening palette continue to grow.

My favorite way to listen to music is with our Membership to Amazon Music Unlimited.

We listen to all sorts of music at the drop of a hat! It is wonderful to be able to share any kind of music with my children any time of the day. There are ready made playlists in all genres. You can grab a free 30 day trial by clicking the image below. 


Let the music making begin! Happy holidays to you and your family! I hope these musical gifts will bring unlimited joy to your child. 

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