I Lost My Tooth Today!

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 By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home

"Mommy, I have a wiggly tooth!" 

"Grandma, I have a wiggly tooth! 

"Guess what, Daddy! My tooth is loose!" 

This phrase is on repeat in my house. My five year old cannot wait for the day when she will lose a tooth like her big sister.

The most endearing part of it all is that, well, her tooth isn't even remotely loose at all. 

Every time I hear her declare that her tooth is wiggly, I beam with an inner smile because her exuberance is larger than life! I want to savor these adorable moments.  

More than anything, she is looking forward to a visit from the tooth fairy! Oh the thrill and anticipation of waking up in the morning to find a treasure under the pillow. 

When the big day comes, it is going to be an all out celebration in my house. We have our tooth pillow ready! 

Tooth pillows are the best way to ensure the tooth stays snug for the tooth fairy's visit. (Keep reading for my bonus reveal below!) 

Loosing a tooth is such a special time in a child's life. 

What better way to celebrate than to sing about it? 

I wrote a song to help the little you love celebrate losing a tooth! Our song video is ready! 

Click the thumbnail below to watch I Lost My Tooth Today!  Check out my extra tips for making music together below! 

Music Making Tips! Incorporate one of these tips each time you watch the song video, I Lost My Tooth Today!

1. Dance Party!! Listen, sing along and dance! 

2. Rhythm Sticks!! Get out a pair of rhythm sticks for each person and click along to the beat.

3. Imaginative Movement!! Find a scarf to wave around. Dance around the with scarf! Pretend the scarf is the wiggly tooth. Bunch it up in your hand and place it under a pillow nearby. Pretend the tooth fairy comes and replaces the scarf with something fun. 

4. Instruments! Play the air guitar while you listen and sing. Or, grab a long object like a broom or even a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels and play it like a guitar.  

Tooth Pillows! 

For 6 days only on July 14-19, you can get a free hand-made tooth pillow from Musik at Home when you get your copy of the 2021 Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle from Musik at Home. You won't find this anywhere else! This is a special bonus only from Musik at Home made by April, a highly skilled seamstress (and former dental hygienist) who is member of our products team! 

The tooth pillow comes with a glossy tooth loss chart so you'll know exactly which tooth your child will loose next, and a song sheet for "I Lost My Tooth Today" so you can be ready to sing & celebrate when your child loses a tooth. $15.00 Value! 

It's never too early to have a tooth pillow ready.

I'll admit, my oldest child didn't loose her first tooth by natural design.

At age 5, she went in to have a cavity filled and the dentist found that her tooth was beyond repair (long story goes like this -- when a child won't sit still for a filling on the first round or second round, and you have to find a new dentist who can handle special cases, cavities go crazy and grow out of control).

Yes, she lost her first tooth at the dentist's office (Sigh...). 

I was surprised and shocked, and unprepared. So was she! 

We had a visit from the tooth fairy that night with her tooth in a plastic bag. Let me just say that a plastic bag is super noisy. The tooth fairy almost woke up the little sleeping beauty. ACK!  

Thankfully we got by, but wow, I wish I had this adorable tooth pillow ready that day, and I wish I had this song ready to help her celebrate the occasion. 

I can't wait to tell you more about how to get one of these tooth pillows for free, and to reveal my other amazing bonuses. You're going to love them!

Has your child ever said "I have a wiggly tooth" and it's not even close to being wiggly?

How many teeth has your child lost?

Have you ever heard a song about loosing a tooth before?

Let me know in comments below. 

Here's to being prepped and ready for the day a tooth comes out! 


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  • I love your creative music making tips. Thank you.

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  • lovely idea! My little man is 6 and a half and not lost a tooth yet and want to be prepared and were both waiting on it now!

    Charis on

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