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Delighting in Music with Your Child

Delighting in Music with Your Child

 By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home

If you’re like me, and most moms I know, you have an adorable video on your phone of your child dancing to music.

It wasn’t something you taught them, or a moment you created. Instead, it was your child’s natural response to the rhythm and the way the music made her feel. 

Any maybe you also have captured your child’s innate ability and desire to sing along with his favorite song. It’s the one you’ve played over and over in the car, or the popular song every child seems to know (dare I say "Baby Shark?"). 

Singing, dancing, and responding to music are natural passions in a child’s heart and mind.

But sometimes as mommas, we forget how wonderful music can make us feel and how delightful it can be to just move to the rhythm, tap out a beat, sing along, and dance like nobody’s watching.

And when we do these things with our kids, not only does everyone have fun, but we also decrease our stress levels and make magical memories with our kids. 

Music Education, then, is the perfect way to take what your child does naturally then learn, play, and enjoy the process along side of them.

In fact, music education is a delightful way to get some wiggles out while building skills and having a ton of fun together all throughout your day at home. 

Amazingly enough, it’s so natural and enjoyable, your child will barely know they’re learning. 

Mommas, even if you don’t think of yourself as musical, you can do musical activities with your kids every day throughout the day, while doing chores, while getting ready for school or even in the car – while you’re at it, they’ll grow developmentally AND get quality special time with you. 

As you connect with them through music, you’ll get to watch them develop and soak up the joys of rhythmic and melodic experimentation.

Simple Activities You Can Start Today by: 

1. Introducing your children to a variety of musical styles. Play simple rhyming children’s music, play your favorite tune from high school, play an opera piece, and then play a Broadway soundtrack. The more styles they hear, the more your children will connect with music

2. Taking a dance break when everyone starts to get antsy. Just get everyone up and on their feet, turn on some music, and start moving

3. Following the beat by playing a song with a clear, steady beat and tapping it on your legs or clapping the beat with your hands 

4. Playing music that matches the mood you want in the moment (upbeat when you’re doing chores, calm at bedtime, etc)

    Take it Even Further by: 

    1. Stopping a favorite song and having your child sing the next line.

    2. Making music with “instruments” around the house: shake a rattle, tap a beat on a pot, sway with a scarf, or sing into a pretend microphone

      3. Singing a familiar song like “Old McDonald” and use a different movement each time: milk the cow, stomp mud off boots, pitch hay, pick beans, etc. Keep a steady beat with your movement to match the beat of the music as you sing. 

        4. Playing freeze dance - when the music stops, everybody freezes!

          (I just love the photo below of my daughter and I. I was bouncing her on my legs and singing a song she loved. Her laughter and delight melt my momma-heart! I have no doubt you've seen the same with your precious little). 

          Maximizing the Benefits of Music Education

          If you want to truly see your child take off with their music education and reap all the incredible benefits, you can introduce music education curriculum.  

          Don't worry. This doesn't mean more work for you because...

          Not only will you bond with your child as you sing, shake, and dance your way to success, but research shows they’ll grow in pre-literacy skills, language development, coordination and body awareness. And, it’s sure to be your child’s favorite subject of the day! 


          As a busy homeschooling mom, I know that not everyone can go to an in-person class. Right now, sadly, no one can go to an in-person class. I also know that not everyone has the time or expertise to come up with lesson plans at home. 

          If you want to bring music education into your home with ready-to-use lessons, I created Musik at Home online classes just for you.

          Not only do I walk you through each step of early childhood music, I equip you to nurture and grow your child’s musical talent at each developmental stage with our four class levels that include over 400 musical activities. 

          The amazing thing's good for you too, Momma. Bonding with your child. Moving to the music. Enjoying your child's laughter. It's all part of the package with Musik at Home. 

          I'd love to share unlimited access to our Musik at Home Membership with you! Give yourself a lovely mother's day gift. Sign up for 14 free days of musical memories with your child. 
          You’ll be able to easily fit these short music lessons into your homeschool day and you’ll quickly see the benefits of an early childhood music education that brings the family together and creates moments you’ll all remember.
          We all need a little more of that right now. 

          Join Thousands Who Love Musik at Home!

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