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Everyone's Instrument: Rhythm Sticks!

Everyone's Instrument: Rhythm Sticks!

 By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home, LLC 


What's so special about two sticks? 

I'm so glad you asked! 

Children are wired to make music! 

While the voice is the first and foremost instrument everyone has access to inside, simple instruments in the hands of a child allow a new voice to shine through! 

Have you ever seen your little come alive when given the chance to bang on pots and pans? 

What exactly is happening in your child's mind at that moment? 

I have a few educated guesses. :-)

Like big bold fireworks happening all at once, in one rapid fire instant your child is thinking:

"What is this sound? What happens when I pound? What happens when I bang? Wow! I can make all kinds of noise! I can even make music!!! I love this!"

Or, it could be something like this:

"What do I do? It's so much freedom. You mean I can do anything I want with these pots and pans? I can build? I can make noise? What else could I do, Mom?"

Children naturally want to explore what we put in their hands. 

They also love to follow new ideas.

Playing rhythm sticks is much like playing with pots and pans!

Anyone can do it! 

Your imagination is your limit. 

When I put rhythm sticks in my hands, I show my little Love all the things they can do. Then, like magic, my child's imagination takes over! 

While tapping the steady beat with music playing, here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Make letters!

Make a T

Make a V.

Make an L.

Make an X. 

Make tools!

Hammer, Drill, Saw, Sanding.

Make motions!

Build one stick on top of the other.

Swish one stick next to the other stick like skis.

Pretend to peel potatoes.

Put one stick on your neck/shoulder and use the other to play the violin.

Play the trombone by holding one stick to your mouth and moving the other below it up and down.

Use the stick like ores to row a boat. Fly the sticks like airplanes.

Pretend the sticks are jumping frogs.

Make a chomping alligator mouth!

Once I show my little a few ideas of what to do with rhythm sticks, I ask "What else could you do?"

This is when the real fun starts.

Your child no longer sees rhythm sticks. He sees an airplane, a skyscraper, a violin, a hammer, the letter T, a trombone, or a wildy jumping frog! 

What value does this bring? 

Playing with rhythm sticks builds musical skills. 

-It requires coordination to hold both sticks while exploring new ideas. 

-It requires motor skills to change from one motion to the next as well as to repeat a motion again and again. 

-It requires creativity and imagination to explore the many ways rhythm sticks make music! 

-Listening is required to hear and tap to the steady beat of the music playing in the background. 

-Feeling the beat of the music through the wooden sticks helps the beat resonate through a child's entire body. 

What are some ideas your child has? Share them in the comments below! 

We use rhythm sticks in every Musik at Home class. All you have to do is follow along with our imaginative, musical ideas! Grab your Musik at Home membership so you can start today. 


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