The Musik at Home Academy!

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 By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home

Introducing the Musik at Home Academy, where your child can thrive in instrumental study with incredible instructors from the comfort of your home, anytime! 

We are thrilled to welcome new instructors to our Musik at Home team! 

Kurt Heinecke, VeggieTales Music Director is on board to create new courses for Musik at Home. His daughter, music educator, Gretchen Demonbreun is joining him! 

Their first course together will feature the tropical sounds of the ukulele. You'll go on adventures with Kurt and Gretchen from the studio where he composed the music you love from VeggieTales! 


In this promo video, you'll find out more about the course and you might just catch a glimpse of Larry the Cucumber. See if you can spot him! 

With Musik at Home Academy, specialized instrumental study is only a click away on the web, your mobile device, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV! Hooray! Loud shouts and cheers! Many other instructors are joining us as well! 

Concert Soprano and Vocal Coach Julie Stone from Bella Voce Studio and Soprano Jam is joining Musik at Home with her course Singing Foundations for Kids! This course will be released in June 2021! Summer fun, here we come! 

Watch the Trailer Here! 

What's the difference between the Musik at Home Membership & the Musik at Home Academy? 

The Musik at Home Membership isn't going anywhere! In addition to the stellar musical foundation your child gains through the classes in our Musik at Home membership, we are creating all kinds of wonderful new courses for our Academy to help your child explore instrumental study. In fact, the Musik at Home Membership classes prepare your child to encounter an instrument with ease and fluidity by developing your child's melodic and rhythmic fluency. 

The Musik at Home Membership is available in a monthly or yearly package. 

Musik at Home Academy courses are available individually to take or "rent" for the amount of time specified by the instructor, just like renting your favorite movie from Amazon Prime Videos. But, with the Musik at Home Academy, you'll have 2-6 months to complete your course. 

As a Musik at Home member, you will always get VIP access to our Academy courses with 20% off each course. Watch for the promo code to come your way during the launch of each upcoming course. Academy courses are located HERE at the bottom of the page. 

Our first Musik at Home Academy course is ready for you! CLICK HERE to watch the trailer! Play Together Percussion with instructor Asa Nero invites your child to explore rhythm, note values and all kinds of percussion instruments while visiting a construction zone, on a camping trip, at the zoo and in outer space.

In all of these engaging environments, your child will learn to identify the following:

  • whole notes
  • half notes
  • sixteenth notes
  • eighth notes
  • quarter notes

Your child will also experience the sounds of all kinds of percussion instruments including:

  • bongos
  • djembe
  • cajon
  • cowbell
  • guiro
  • and more! 

If you are ready to build your child's musical foundation this summer, you're invited to begin your Musik at Home journey with our Membership Classes for ages 0-7. Click Here to begin with your free trial.

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  • I am looking forward to this. It’s so cool that you have Kurt and Gretchen creating a class. Thank you!

    Fran on

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