Top 5 Songs for Spring Cleaning with Kids!

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By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home, LLC

Spring is here!

We have adorable baby birds in our backyard to prove it.

Cherry blossoms are in bloom. Daffodils are smiling up at me everywhere I go (which, let's face it, isn't far from home these days...). I'm so glad it's spring because it really is my favorite season of the year. 

And then there's spring cleaning...

Don't get me wrong. I do love cleaning when it's fast with quick results. I'm not a big fan, however, of the longer organizing projects or of putting in the elbow grease for deep cleaning spaces.

Let's face it. Kids don't hang in for those longer, tougher projects very easily.

That's why good music is always my "go-to" motivator! 

We have our "Working Songs" playlist ready to go on our Alexa device by voice command! We turn it on every time we start a new job that seems a bit daunting. We also use the playlist for cleaning up toys and other messes. 

WARNING! This is a kid-friendly, mostly Disney playlist. These songs work like a charm in my house.

If they wouldn't do the trick in yours, I've also included a list of my top 5 motivating old school rock songs we "might" also listen to in my house from time to time.

No matter your taste in music, I'd encourage you to find your top 5 motivating songs for spring cleaning and create a playlist!

When it comes to spring cleaning, I take one zone of my house at a time. 

I start with my basement then work my way up to the living room, dining room, kitchen bathrooms and bedrooms.

Sometimes I spend a week in each zone just to spread out the workload and because I don't have all day to clean (hmmm... is that a thing in anyone's house?).

At this time of year, my kids and I make a goal to simply take 30 minutes a day to tackle our spring cleaning, which included decluttering.

And then, of course, what really happens is that we only tackle it once or twice a week, despite my best attempts. Small steps lead to progress! So, that's what we celebrate in my house. :-) 

Isn't it time to kick the clutter to the curb? Let's do this! 

Scroll down to find helpful spring cleaning resources from some of my blogging friends! 

What are my TOP 5 SONG PICKS? Here you go: 

Song #1 - Happy Working Song from "Enchanted"

Kids love this song! It gets my kids moving and working in no time. Mine love to imagine having this kind of help to clean up! 


Song # 2 - Whistle While You Work from "Snow White"

Sweet and simple. Make cleaning fun while you whistle along. It's pretty entertaining to watch a little one try to whistle... With enough trying, it will happen! 

Song # 3 - Setting Up the Pins by Sarah Groves

I love the snare drum beat in this song! I think we can all relate to the ebb and flow of life shown in this song. The beat gets us moving. The message reminds us that life is full of the mundane, but being together through it all is what it's all about! 

Song # 4 - Spoonful of Sugar from "Mary Poppins"

"Find the fun and SNAP! The job's a game!" My girls love to imagine having the help of Mary Poppins' magic as they clean. 

Song #5 - Home by Phillip Phillips

We love this song because it reminds us that cleaning is all about making our home into a space we enjoy. The bass drum gets us moving! 

Bonus Song! Nickel Creek's "The Fox"

Get your kids moving and scrubbing along with the Mandolin! They'll love listening to the story of the fox and goose... poor goose!


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    Top 5 Old School Spring Cleaning Songs!

    Here's where you pick up your mop and win the lip sync competition for the day! I hope you'll enjoy a good laugh and some action-packed motivation over these picks! ;-)

    Song #1 - Whip it by Devo

    Get out your mop and whip everything into shape! 

    Song #2 - Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

    Picture Rocky Balboa running up and down the stairs training to win the championship. This song can make a mundane day into a winning day! 

    Song #3 - Twist & Shout by the Beatles

    Grap that mop microphone and join the Beatles in this classic! 

    Song #4 - America by Neil Diamond

    Picture Captain America getting your home ready for the next adventure. He can do anything and with music behind you, so can you! 

    Song #5 - Beautiful Day by U2

    Not as old school as the others, but If you can believe it, this song is almost 20 years years old. No matter what kind of day you're having, turn it into something beautiful as you kick messes to the curb and make a lovely space in your home.  

    What songs would you add to these playlists? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. 

    Happy Spring Cleaning!

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