Music for Your Fourth of July!

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By Kathryn Brunner, Founder of Musik at Home, LLC

Happy summer!! It's the best play time of the year! :-)

What's your child's favorite summer activity? Anything outside, especially water play, right!?!

There's just something about water and bright sunshine that boosts everyone into a world of fun! 

As parents of littles, our days of quiet & relaxation around the water may be slightly nonexistent for the time being, but FUN with our kiddos is off the charts amazing (that is, once you finally get stuff packed up, get unloaded and get the kids sun-screened! ...Unless you have a three year old who decides she's scared to death of the ocean. And, then "off the charts amazing" is a bit of an overstatement).

Below you'll see me with my girls on our recent trip to Virginia Beach. 

Here my husband is pictured with one of our girls on his shoulders. He's doing an awesome job hauling all the beach stuff! "Stuff" is an understatement, right! But, just in case you're wondering...some of the stuff belonged to my parents who were with us (but not much of it) LOL! :-)

Whatever your summer plans, music can bring even more joy to our days together with littles!

Independence Day gives us a great opportunity to teach our children about patriotic music! 

This Fourth of July, consider listening to some of the music that inspires us to remember and celebrate our freedom. 

Click below to hear John Philip Sousa's most famous march, "The Stars and Stripes Forever," performed by the United States Army Band. To see the lyrics, turn on your closed captioning starting at 1:04

Why not see if you and your child can identify the instruments as they are featured in the video above!

In addition here is a playlist of 50 Patriotic Songs for your family! 

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO ALL 50!  Most of the songs are performed by the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine band. 

This video features one of the 50 patriotic Songs every child should hear and know! You're a Grand Old Flag is a great song to play as you teach your child about the importance of American Flag

Again, to listen to ALL of the songs in one playlist, click here. This playlist is the perfect background music for watching fireworks.

Enjoy your summer and have a happy Fourth of July!

Here's to more patriotic music & fireworks!!!

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  • Happy Fourth, Kathryn! Thanks for what you’re doing at Musik at Home.

    Michelle U. on
  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love these patriotic songs. I’m going to share them with my kids today, especially Stars and Stripes Forever. Many thanks.

    Sally Clarke on

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