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Introducing Family Music for Ages 4-7!

Introducing Family Music for Ages 4-7!

By Kathryn Brunner, Owner & Founder of Musik at Home, LLC. 

Introducing, Family Music for Ages 4-7!

This long-awaited class series is available with the purchase of a Musik at Home membership starting 10/21/2018. 

No matter your child's musical background, Musik at Home has you covered.

We offer online classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and our new series is for pre-K through first grade! Our classes are designed for children to complete alongside a loving grown up. As class gets started, you can add your child's name into the greeting song.

You'll have the chance to ask your child to contribute ideas for movement and vocal exploration. Students take ownership of the class content as they creatively add their unique motions and feel affirmed by you!

In our prerequisite preschool series, Family Music for Preschoolers, we help students begin to explore their budding musicianship with imaginative music and movement.

We invite students to use their voices to make the sounds of all kinds of animals and insects right alongside us. We ask students to echo our rhythm and solfege patterns to help lay the foundation for music literacy.

All of this is done in a setting of holistic musical play where students feel loved, accepted and totally at "home" with you!  

In our brand new class series, Family Music for Ages 4-7, we introduce the next sequential concepts that pave the way for music literacy and learning an instrument.

Two exciting new elements include creating ensembles and learning to read and write music notation. 

Family Music for Ages 4-7 includes the following:

  • Over 150 engaging, musical games and activities that help your child with rhythm, creative movement, focused listening, and coordination, including activities that cross the midline
  • Three unique unit studies: My Home Place, The Woodlands, The Cattail Marsh (Bonus Unit!).
  • Exciting, new musical concepts!
  • Building ensembles
  • Reading and Writing Graphic Notation
  • Reading and Writing Music Notation
  • Introduction to dynamic markings
  • Foundational concepts needed in preparation for learning an instrument
  • Introduction to Musical Instruments
  • Exploration of: Drums, Rhythm Sticks, Shaker, Glockenspiel, Resonator Bars, Bells 
  • Discovering the music of Beethoven, Mozart, and other famous composers
  • Stories featuring the unit themes
  • Interactive themed posters 
  • Animal Habitats
  • Exploring Animal Voices
  • Solfege Patterns  
  • Rhythm Patterns
  • Poetry
  • Imaginative, musical play
  • A holistic music education to boost your child's development

"My Soundscape Workbook" is a companion to this class series. It give students the opportunity to dive even deeper into the concepts covered in class. The workbook explores the creation of sound from animal voices to graphic notation to rhythm notation.

Students who complete the classes and the workbook will not only understand that sound can be notated, they will learn how to notate sounds on paper beginning with graphic notation. The workbook includes instructions for how to guide your child into an understanding of how to read graphic notation using lines and dotted pathways. It also includes an introduction to rhythm notation. Examples of workbook pages are shown below. 

20 pages of this workbook are included in our Workbook Freebie when you enter the Giveaway below! All 71 pages of the workbook will be yours with a class membership. 

Family Music for Ages 4-7 will add incredible value to your child's education. 

If your child loves music, hopes to learn an instrument in the future, and/or needs an opportunity to grow in focused listening, you won't want to miss the content in this class series! 

In addition to the class content and workbook, we recommend purchasing the class materials for each unit to strengthen your child's class experience. Materials are published by Musikgarten, Music Matters. Family Music for Ages 4-7 is based on the Musikgarten Curriculum entitled "Music Makers: At Home in the World."

Unit 1 - My Home Place

Materials include:

  • CD with songs, sounds, stories, poetry, games and dances (44 tracks)
  • Parent's Booklet with song lyrics, information about instruments and poster, extended family activities
  • Poster: My Home Place poster, one game piece and Tree Homes Close-up poster
  • Instrument Picture Pages: 1. The Recorder, Guitar, Drum. 2. Trumpet, French Horn and Trombone.
  • Card Game: Graphic Notation. 

Unit 2 - The Woodlands

  • CD with songs, sounds, stories, poetry, games and dances (39 tracks)
  • Parent's Booklet with song lyrics, information about instruments and poster, extended family activities
  • Poster: Woodlands with accompanying game pieces
  • Instrument Picture Page: Cymbals, Shakers and Vibraphone
  • Card Games: Duple Rhythm and Dynamics

Bonus! Unit 3 - The Cattail Marsh

  • CD with songs, sounds, stories, poetry, games and dances (36 tracks)
  • Parent's Booklet with song lyrics, information about instruments and poster, extended family activities
  • Poster: The Cattail Marsh with accompanying game pieces
  • Instrument Picture Page: Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon
  • Card Games: Triple Rhythm


  • I’m totally entering. My son would love these classes. Thank you!


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