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By Kathryn Brunner, Founder & Creator of Musik at Home, LLC.

When I learned how to drive (yes...more than 20 years ago! Eeek!) there were no cell phones. Google maps were not even a thought in anyone's mind. Nope! We had paper maps, word of mouth directions, following someone in front of us and that was IT!  I remember scanning my paper map and trying to memorize where I was going before starting out on the road.  It didn't always work. At most red lights, I would check the map to make sure I was on course.  

What if I didn't have a map? It was Superbowl Sunday. I was a senior in high school. After the big party, I had to navigate the treacherous "Mixing Bowl" on I-495 right outside of Washington D.C. in the DARK to find my way home. I was giving 2 other girls a ride home and I was following someone else who said she would show me which exit to take. That person unfortunately forgot to tell me that she would be taking the exit before the one I needed and that I should take the following exit. Well, I followed her and ended up in the deepest, darkest parts of Washington D.C. with no idea where I was. I also didn't have my map with me for some unknown reason. Amazingly, one of the girls in my car had just travelled to D.C. with her family and remembered the main road that led back to Northern VA (thank you I-66!). We found it, and we sailed our way home. I was so grateful someone could show me the way! We were all happy to be home safe and sound!

Today at a red light, what do we all turn to? Google Maps! ...sigh! Thank HEAVEN for google maps and the voice responder that tells us far in advance when we need to make our next move.

If you could pull up google maps for Musik at Home -- here's what it would look like! No need to get into dangerous territory taking the wrong exit like I did as a new driver. I'd like to give you a solid road map for how to use Musik at Home with your little ones. Not only do I want to give you a map, I'll give you some voice cues via video to guide you on your way.

These few videos will get you on the road to success! They will give you a brief window into how Musik at Home can become a part of life with your family.

These videos were recorded for the Grand Opening Party for Musik at Home. So many people told me how helpful they were that I wanted to included them here for you.

Who is behind Musik at Home & why does the instructor sing without accompaniment? 


What is the vision for Musik at Home? Why is this program unique?


How do I get started?  What steps do I take to get going with classes?


What is it like participating in a class?  

In every class, we have several activities for you and your child. 

This is the flow of a preschool class!

1. Hello Song + Singing your child's name in the song!
2. Steady Beat Motion with Instruments
3. Pattern Echoes (Major tonal patterns /Duple rhythm patterns)
4. Traveling motion song
5. Poetry
6. Imagination with song and movement
7. More poetry for active listening
8. Listening Corner: Focused listening to animal sounds such as: Bullfrog, Canada Goose, Fly, Belted Kingfisher.
9. Recorded Movement: moving with an imaginary story told by the music.
10. Dancing with Scarves
11. Instrumental play
12. Full Body dancing game.
13. Closing Song - Goodbye Song

It is SO much fun! Every time you take 10-15 minutes to invest in your child's musical growth, the more fun the next 10-15 minutes will be. It's all cumulative!

What's in a Baby and Toddler Class?

Here's a sample list of what we do in every class with varied activities and motions!

1. Sing Hello – Greeting Song with your child's name!

2. Bouncing Song: Bouncing allows your baby to experience the beat with the whole body.

3. Patterns - Rhythm Patterns: Just by hearing you echo these patterns, your baby absorbs the rhythm language and steady beat.

4. Rocking Song

5. Patterns - Major Tonal Pattern Echoes

6. Body Awareness Poems and movement

7. Steady Beat Motion song with instruments or traveling motion.

8. Recorded music for Dancing + Scarves: Dancing creates an intimate bond while allowing your baby to feel the beat, meter, and tonality of the music.

9. Instrumental accompaniment (Instruments: Rattles, Shakers, or Rhythm Sticks)

10. Goodbye Song!

How do I help my child get the most out of the classes?  

Simply be present. This is your time to fully invest in your little one. Turn off the cell phone, don't respond to the facebook notifications until after class. can be done when we put our minds to it! Your little one will LOVE your focused attention. Music class will become a special time for the two of you! (or 6 of you... however many little ones you have!).


What is my role as a parent?

Your role is extremely important! Your job is to follow me as the instructor. Your child's job is to follow you! Most of the time children think that watching something is a passive activity. But! Not at Musik at Home! If you are moving around in the room, your child will follow you! This is the way to get the most out of Musik at Home classes. Yes, listening and watching will also help your child's musicality grow, but participating fully in the activities with YOUR help is the goal of Musik at Home.   

As you can see, my girls and I LOVE doing the classes together at home. We've found a special place that works for us. Our instruments are there and at the ready. I bring my lap top in, turn on a class, and my girls go to town moving, dancing, sitting on my lap and just enjoying being together. They especially love the undivided attention from mommy. Little do they know that every time we engage in structured musical play like this, their brains are developing like wild fire! The number one benefit of musical play is neurological development. It's so important to make music a part of our children's lives. Musik at Home is one of many ways to make it happen!

Thank goodness for a road map! I hope it makes you feel more at home here at Musik at Home! Give the classes a test drive! Every membership comes with a 5 day risk free trial period. You can cancel at anytime if you aren't satisfied with your membership. Click HERE to join today!

At the end of the day, don't we just all want to be home to rest and spend quality time with our families? My mission is not only to help children grow musically, but to give families a solid outlet for spending time together at home.  I hope you'll love it! Please send any comments or questions my way! 

Yay! You've found your way! From my home to yours, welcome to Musik at Home! 

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  • I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, Joanna! I’ve heard that even a few 7 year olds have LOVED the program right along with their little brothers and sisters. Feel free to reach out with any questions along the way – kathryn @

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  • Thanks for posting! Really great to know how it works for you and your kids. I was wondering if my kids would just sit and watch or if they would really do it. I get it now that my kids will follow me as I’m following what you’re doing.

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