Celtic Music for Kids: Culture & Dance!

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Guest post by Shannan Swindler from Captivating Compass where she is inspiring families to learn on location using the world as their textbook.

Celtic music for kids is so much fun! It doesn't matter how old (or young) you are.

The music of the Celtic peoples of Ireland and Scotland make you want to get up and move.

For littles, it’s a great way to practice coordination, motor skills and following instructions. Learning these skills is really fun when Celtic music for kids is added to the day’s activities. 

Celtic Kids Songs

Here are some super fun songs to sing with your kids. These Celtic tunes by Marc Gunn even have lyrics in English, Irish and the original lyrics for some of the traditional songs. His songs are so enjoyable to listen to and your kids will love singing them! If you have older kids who are into Lord of the Rings, they’ll enjoy No. 52 on the lyrics list titled Samwise Gamgee (listen here). 

Learn Irish Step Dance

Most kids would enjoy taking a few Irish step dance lessons. You could also take a whole beginner Irish step dancing course. To get you little leprechauns doing the jig to these fun Irish tunes that are linked below.

This slower song by the Kiboomers (below), with a good driving downbeat, is a good song to learn the dance steps in the video below, if you are a beginner. It’s also a great song for the little ones to learn about St. Patrick. 


Go all out and learn some irish dance steps on the Savanah How video.


If that video is a bit too technical for your gang, this older Kidvision video on Youtube will teach you a little bit about Ireland and a simple jig step. 

What if your lads & lasses just want to jump around to some fun jigs and reels?

Listen (and dance) to these toe tapping tunes and relaxing ballads the whole family will love. Some of these compilations are long, so you can have them playing quietly in the background or you can turn it up and have a pop-up ceilidh right there in your living room!

Do your kids want to learn to play an Celtic instrument?

Tin Whistle, Fiddle and the Bodhran are all fun instruments to learn to play. They are considered some of the most common instruments of the Irish and Scottish folk band. If you are serious about playing, you’ll want to consider getting a tin whistle, fiddle, or bodhran.

Check out my Let’s Study Ireland post to find out more about the instruments we have been using in our house for several years now. 

You can also find some great teachers on Youtube like:

Playlists like some of those above are fun to use to help kids find the rhythm or practice a traditional tune they have enjoyed singing. My son often takes a tune that gets stuck in his head and tries to work it out on his accordion, or asks dad to help him with the rhythms on the bodhran. 

Celtic Music as a tool for in-depth, cross-cultural discovery.

Celtic music is emotional and tells the story of the the Celtic people. Sometimes, it might not seem so kid-friendly. There are angry, fiery songs about battles and sad ballads about the loss of loved ones during war as well as joyful jigs about a crush on a brown-eyed girl or the most beautiful Loch in Scotland. Understanding the history, geography and literature for the Celtic people will help your family fall in love with their music and culture. You might even decide you want to learn on location for a family field trip!

You can read more about how to learn on location in Dublin or study more about Ireland at Captivating Compass, where Shannan blogs about learning on location using the world as your textbook.

Shannan is passionate traveler & homeschooling mom. She learns on location all over Europe with her 3 favorite travel buddies. Shannan is the writer at CaptivatingCompass.com, a family travel & digital homeschool blog. She blogs about affordable family travel and digital homeschooling while traveling with kids. Her 20+ years of travel experience along with a passion to connect family travel destinations with educational resources, Shannan brings you inspirational family travel and digital homeschool resources to help you learn on location throughout Europe. When she's not planning the next learn on location travel adventure, you'll find her walking country paths in Scotland.

Find Shannan here on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

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