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Rhythm Memory Game Level 1

Product Description

Join adorable baby animals alongside fun rhythm patterns! This game blends the traditional memory matching game with the fun of saying rhythm patterns in order to earn your match. 48 cards included. Use only 16 cards for easy play, 32 cards for medium difficulty, and all 48 for the full memory match and rhythm pattern challenge.

Rhythm pattern practice in this game builds upon rhythm patterns taught in Musik at Home classes using the rhythm syllables from Edwin Gordon's Music Learning Theory. 

Pages include:

1. Title

2. How to Play

3. How to Say the Rhythm Patterns

4-5. Card Set 1

6-7. Card Set 2

8-9. Card Set 3

10. More about Musik at Home

This is a digital product. Card Stock recommended for printing or print on regular paper and adhere construction paper to the back securely with a glue stick before cutting out the cards. Enjoy! 

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