I Love Note Reading
I Love Note Reading
I Love Note Reading
I Love Note Reading

I Love Note Reading

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Learn how to read music the intuitive way! The I Love Note Reading program is a series of melodic notation cards designed to build music literacy skills following the incredible music learning pathway developed by Dr. Edwin Gordon who devoted his life to studying the ways children intuitively learn music.

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In this program with guidance from the lessons mentioned above, your child will be taken through the following steps:

  • Aural Preparation: Listening and internalizing the song!
  • Singing the song with an active imagination!
  • Singing the solfege for the song
  • Exploring the movement of the melody by listening
  • Listening for the resting tone
  • Identifying the resting tone on the notation cards
  • Identifying the movement of the melody on the notation cards
  • Recognizing the melodic patterns on the cards
  • Singing the melodic patterns on the cards
  • Putting the cards in order to complete the song! Hooray!!

This digital product includes 48 pages with five sections:
Section I: Melodic Notation Cards for Parents Only
Section II: Melodic Notation Cards for Students 
Section III: Melodic Notation Cards for Dictation
Section IV: Music Score
Section V: Melodic Notation Cards with Rhythmic Values

Each section includes the following songs:
Hot Cross Buns
I See the Moon
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Sea Shell
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Lavender's Blue
Camptown Races

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