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Ages 4-7: Unit 1. My Home Place Materials

Product Description

Watch your child soar into world of music literacy and musical imagination! Family materials are essential for the best possible class experience in Family Music for Ages 4-7. Your child will use these materials during class and outside of class. The CD that accompanies this unit contains several activities that utilize the cards and poster materials listed below. The CD selections bring the unit theme to life! 

Materials include:

  • CD with songs, sounds, stories, poetry, games and dances (44 tracks)
  • Parent's Booklet with song lyrics, information about instruments and poster, extended family activities
  • Poster: My Home Place poster, one game piece and Tree Homes Close-up poster
  • Instrument Picture Pages: 1. The Recorder, Guitar, Drum. 2. Trumpet, French Horn and Trombone.
  • Card Game: Graphic Notation. Includes 4 cards. 

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