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Connect your child's natural love of music with age appropriate musical play for total mind, body and musical development. 
There's never been an easier way to include music education classes in your homeschool day!
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Musik at Home, LLC brightens your child's future with developmental music education classes in the comfort of your own home. Your child, infant to age seven, will naturally develop a strong foundation in musicianship while bonding with you through interactive, sequential video classes. All you need is an internet connection and a few basic instruments to get started. You can easily find rhythm sticks, scarves and shakers from items you already have at home!

A Musik at Home membership offers unlimited access to over 400 musical activities, singing games, imaginative musical stories and more. Because a child's potential for learning music is at its height from birth to age seven, there's no better time to invest in music education than in the early years. 

You and your child will love the musical moments you'll share together. You'll love the developmental results! 

Offer expires August 1, 2019. 

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