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Connect your child's natural love of music with age appropriate musical play for total mind, body and musical development.

With Musik at Home video classes, your child will take a trip to the woodlands, the cattail marsh, the pond, the gardens and more while gaining an outstanding foundation in musical development.

A Musik at Home Membership offers unlimited access to classes for ages 0-7 with over 400 musical activities, singing games, imaginative musical stories and more. 

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There's never been an easier way to include music education classes in your homeschool day!
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"My Soundscape Workbook: Sound Exploration for Ages 4-7 " will start your child on an adventure in sound exploration on the pathway to music literacy!

Your child will learn about vocal experimentation, rhythm notation, dynamics and musical instruments while exploring three natural habitats: my homeplace, the woodlands, and the cattail marsh.

This free workbook is a companion to the Musik at Home video class series, Family Music for Ages 4-7 included in the free 30 day Musik at Home membership. 
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A Musik at Home membership makes your life easier with open-and-go video lessons that build sequentially to give your child an excellent start in musical development from home. All you need is an internet connection.

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You and your child will love the musical moments you'll share together. You'll love the developmental results!
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