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Hi Friends,

It's true. We work so hard to find the right resources to help our kids grow and develop. That's why you're here, and that's why I'm here too. 

What if one resource, when used consistently, could boost your child's academic success, social-emotional well being, and earning potential in adulthood?

Would you make sure your child had access to it? I know I would! 

The research is resounding!

Consistent music education does this for our children and more. That's why I make sure music education is a priority in my homeschool. And, the best part is... my kids love it!

Music education makes us come alive. It brings joy. It fosters relationships. It strengthens success in all subjects. It brings us together. 

And, I'm so passionate about it that I made a plan and got to work to help parents like you make this a reality in your homeschool and in homes around the world. I worked with professional videography crews and spent hundreds of hours in post production to bring music classes to life through video so that your child can have access to quality music education from birth, anytime and anywhere!

As the founder of Musik at Home, I'd like to invite you to see the difference interactive music education can make in your child's life. 

Don't wait another day to incorporate music education into your homeschool.  

When it comes to your child's development, here's a look at the science:   

  • Intellectual development: Music has been found to be the only activity or subject matter that actively engages both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. Consistent music education develops overall higher cognitive capacity and helps a child’s memory system become highly robust.
  • Language Development: Songs introduce new vocabulary words in rapid succession and in turn significantly boost a child’s working vocabulary. 
  • Literacy development: Literacy levels have been shown to improve by between one and three grade levels with consistent music education beginning from birth with activities as simple as singing, musical games, listening to music, repeating rhythmical or tonal patterns, and learning an instrument at age 5-7. 
  • Social-Emotional Well Being: Music education contributes to psychological health, better relational abilities and healthier relationships overall.
  • Musical development: All children are musical. We see this in every culture around the world. Your child's aptitude for learning music is at its strongest from birth to 18 months. Children learn more in this critical 18-month period than in any other 18-month period in their life. The second most important time for musical development in one's entire life is from 18 months to 3 years, then 3-5 years, then 5-9 years old. After age 9 years, music aptitude begins to stabilize and can decline if not fostered.  
  • Imagination & Creativity: Music education opens up an entirely new world to a child. It enables a child to gain insights into himself, others and most importantly life itself. These insights help to develop and literally sustain a child’s imaginative creativity. 

Music researcher Dr. Edwin Gordon says: 

“Because a child hears and participates in some music every single day, it is to a child’s advantage to understand music as thoroughly as possible.” (Gordon, Edwin E. A Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children)

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Our video classes are easily accessible on a Netflix-style video platform on the web, mobile device, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.'s a little secret...Musik at Home classes involve so much movement, they can even count as your physical education credit!

Here's what one satisfied mom had to say about Musik at Home:

I'm an elementary educator and a mom of two girls. Musik at Home is part of our daily homeschooling routineMusic is crucial for child development and it's something I don't feel confident in teaching at home. I have always wanted music to be a part of our curriculum but I don't have the expertise to teach it myself! My girls love having Kathryn Brunner as their teacher and look forward to their daily music lessons. For my daughter, music is her world and I want to expose her to the language of music. She is always singing and dancing to the stories and songs Kathryn offers. Because of Musik at Home, she's happier and now has consistent exposure to music education. -Amber S.

I hope to see you in class! 


Kathryn Brunner

Founder & Chief Musik-Maker

Musik at Home

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