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The gift of Music Education delivers lasting benefits to the lives of children & parents!

Adding music to life at home is a total game changer -- not to mention the lifetime whole body & mind boost for the child. Our online parent-child music classes help children with listening skills, attention skills, coordination, balance, language development, spatial awareness, preparation for music literacy, and so much more!

How much should I put on a gift card? A subscription membership to a complete set of 6 classes for Babies & Toddlers or Preschoolers is $19.99/Month or $53/Three months. A subscription membership to a total of 12 classes for Babies and Toddlers AND Preschoolers is $29.99/Month (this includes 50% off for the second class level) or $80/Three months (this includes 50% off for the second class level plus an additional 10% off the monthly price). See all Subscription Options

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