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Who is Musik at home for?
Musik at Home is designed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The preschool class is also wonderful for pre-K as well.
I’m not sure if I can do this. What if I can’t sing?
You’re in the right place and you are not alone! Many many mamas love music but don’t know how to sing or how to incorporate music into their little one’s life. Here at Musik at Home, we want to come alongside you to give you the tools to nurture your little one with your own voice despite how you think it sounds. One of the most important elements of your child’s musical development is hearing his/her parent’s voice! Even if you can’t sing, your singing voice is made for your child’s ears. I (Kathryn) grew up with a mother who sang to me all the time despite the fact that she couldn’t sing tunefully. She would be the first to tell you that she cannot sing AT ALL. Yet, her voice is beyond special to me. She sang to my siblings and I ALL of the time. She used a joyful singing tone that explored the bottom and top of her range. This taught me to do the same. As you explore what your voice can do, your child will too! We aren’t going for perfection here. We’re going for personal best, willingness to try something new, and a desire to give our littles the best we have to offer!
Why do I need to repeat classes?
Little ones learn entirely differently than grown ups. To adults, repetition can often amount to boredom, especially in our fast paced culture that teaches us we need to feel we are being constantly entertained. To children, however, repetition amounts to joyful accomplishment. For example, I watch my 15 month old spend twenty or thirty minutes trying to put a cap on a washable marker. She puts it on, takes it off, and repeats the process until she feels she’s mastered it. What is happening in her brain is not to be underestimated. The way her little brain works to learn and master new information is by repetition. Repetition is a child’s rigor! Children love rigor because they WANT to learn. It’s a desire that is built into their very nature. When they have the chance to repeat something, they begin to feel successful at it. This feeling of success and mastery is anything but boredom! It is sheer delight! When going through the class videos again and again, take a step back to enjoy the music from your little one’s point of view. The more familiar it is, the more fun it is for your child.
Do I need to purchase class materials?
  • Yes, I highly recommend purchasing the family music packs that go with your child’s class in order to accomplish the overall goal. The goal is to build your child’s overall musicality from the inside out! When music goes IN through listening, musical play comes out naturally! If the music is only heard and experienced when the class videos are on, that’s only half of the recipe for success. Listening away from class builds your child’s aural foundation to enjoy making music with you during the class.
  • The products offered on this site are made by Musikgarten. The rhythm sticks, and shakers/rattles are made out of high quality, beautifully sanded wood. You can make your own rhythm sticks, scarves, and shakers/rattles if you’d like.
How long will it take to receive my class materials?
Your materials will be shipped to you within 1-3 business days. If you purchase any of the “special order” items, your items will be shipped to you within 1-2 weeks.
Should I start going through the classes with my child before I receive my class materials?
My recommendation would be to spend time reviewing the first few videos on your own before jumping in with your child. We all know that once we introduce something to little ones, we never have the opportunity to do it again with the same “fresh” eyes they had the first time. The more you prepare ahead of time by watching the introduction video and watching at least the first class on your own, the more ready you will be to engage your child in class. Taking this kind of time to prepare will help you feel ready to encounter your child’s unique reaction to the class experience.
Where in the house should I complete the videos?
Choose a place in the house that will become the regular music class space. It’s ok to have two spaces – but try to keep them consistent. You’ll need space to move around. Please be sure to clear your floor before starting the videos.
What about classes for toddlers?
I (Kathryn) can’t wait to film classes especially for Toddlers. I plan to do it as soon as possible. Musikgarten’s curriculum for Toddlers is invaluable for getting a child’s little heart, mind and body to work together musically! Until we film these classes and have them ready to go for you, the babies class offers incredible value for your toddler to learn most of the skills we cover in the toddler classes. In fact, if your toddler has never taken a music class, I would always recommend starting with the babies class here at Musik at Home.
My child doesn’t sit still and go through the videos with me, what do I do?
We love wiggle worms! Wiggling is part of learning how to use the whole body to engage in active, musical play. We encourage movement! Please see our PDF – How to define success.
Do you offer refunds?
We offer a 5 day risk free trial period for all of our membership packages. We want to ensure your success! We recommend watching the introduction video and watching one class video on your own before going through a class with your child. We think this is so important to your success with Musik at Home, we’ll want you confirm that you’ve taken the time to watch the introduction video and watch one class on your own before trying a class with your child. Once the 5 day period is complete, we do not offer refunds for the duration of that given month, but you may cancel at any time and you will not be charged for the following month. If you have joined with a quarterly membership, we will refund any unused months if you need to cancel before the first or second month is complete. Musik at Home has no way of determining how much or how little you use your membership. We do not offer refunds for "lack of use." By all means, use your membership as much as you can for your child's benefit. Set a reminder in your calendar and enjoy your class time with your little one!  
Do you offer refunds on materials?
Yes, but restrictions apply. We will offer refunds on family music materials that are completely unopened (CD, parent book packets). For health reasons, we cannot offer refunds on the hand held instruments that could potentially be put in a child’s mouth (rhythm sticks, shakers/rattlers, scarves). Musik at Home is not responsible for return shipping costs.
What else can I do to incorporate music into my child’s life?
  • I recommend exposing your child to as many musical experiences as possible! Musik at Home is only one of many possibilities to grow your child’s music aptitude and overall love of music! Please check your local area to enroll in a LIVE Musikgarten class (see for teacher listings). If you have a local Musikgarten class to attend, you’ll be fully surrounded by the program’s philosophy and even more equipped to do these classes with your child at home. Using the Musik at Home program in addition to a live class will help strengthen and establish your child’s musical growth.
  • Please check out our blog articles that feature many wonderful ideas to help you incorporate music into your everyday life with your child.

If you didn’t find the answer to what you’re looking for here, please feel free to email Kathryn at

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