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Family Music for Babies & Toddlers

Delightful classes for early childhood music connect your child's love for musical play with age appropriate learning for musical and whole body development. Come engage your baby or toddler, newborn to thirty-six months in interactive musical play!

We fondly hope the hugs, smiles, wiggles & giggles will bring you back time and again.
Learn more about Family Music for Babies here!

Family Music for Preschoolers

Music classes for your preschooler engage your child's growing desire for musical play with age appropriate learning for heightened musical development. Come alongside your child to explore an interactive world of musical play! Students ages 3-5 will love the range of energy to restful rocking in these classes.

Family Music for Preschoolers includes over 70 structured activities for musical play in six classes designed to be repeated 4-8 times. Activities include poetry, movement exploration, an introduction to major and minor tonalities, tonal and rhythm pattern echoes, an introduction to duple and triple meter, and imaginative, musical storytelling.

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Family Music for Mixed Ages, Ages 1-5 is HERE!

Bring the whole family together around charming songs, dances and rhymes that are sure to fill your day with brightness & joy. Both new and familiar melodies strengthen your child's natural love for music and movement while laying a strong foundation for music literacy. You'll discover your favorite nursery rhymes set to tunes you'll love as you twist, turn, jump, bounce, sing, and move with your budding musicians. 

Family Music for Ages 4-7 

Sequential classes for music and movement add exciting new skill layers to your child's musical foundation! Building ensembles and reading-writing musical notation are at the heart of these endearing classes. Students will identify the special qualities of home, visit the woodlands and take a trip to the cattail marsh while experiencing the joy of learning exciting, new musical concepts. Prerequisite: Family Music for Preschoolers. 

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