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Musik at home is an online music studio for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, pre-K, kindergarteners and first graders. If you're a busy parent who wants more music in your child's life, Musik at Home is here for you! Teaching Musikgarten's internationally renowned curriculum, licensed and certified Musikgarten instructor, Kathryn Brunner, brings music classes to you in your home, on your schedule with easy to follow instruction for you and your child.  Classes are designed to foster intimacy between you and your child while developing your child's music aptitude through joyful musical play. 

Class Videos

Each class level is a 12-18 week session. There are 6 class videos in each level. Baby & toddler classes are 8-12 minutes long. Mixed Ages classes are 18-22 minutes. Preschool classes are 12-22 minutes in length. Classes for ages 4-7 are 20-25 minutes long. Each class is designed to be repeated at home four times or more times to allow your child to fully receive the musical benefits of the class material. Progression in child development happens with repetition. Neuroscience tells us that repetition is a child's rigor. Children innately love playful rigor because they love to learn. You may adapt the lessons as needed by creating your own musical space at home, allowing your child to direct the flow of movement, and for older children you may press pause to engage your child by encouraging him or her to suggest his or her own ideas before returning to the flow of class.

Bonus Videos

Each class subscription comes with bonus videos. Bonus videos allow you to expand upon the material presented in the classes. For the babies bonus videos, extra lullabies will expand your repertoire of soothing sleepy time songs. Extra pattern videos expose your baby to more foundational elements of music. For the preschool bonus videos, extra song videos including rhythm and tonal patterns help make your child's musical foundation as strong as it can be. The A-B-C's of music encourage you to get active and think outside the box about all kinds of musical words.


Class materials are essential for the best possible class experience. The more you listen to the music with your child outside of class, the more meaningful class time will become for you and your child. When the music is familiar to your child, your child will dive even deeper into musical play that enriches overall music aptitude. When the music is familiar to you, you will be equipped to sing the songs along with the class instructor and in your own parent-child moments. You may choose to buy the materials individually or in a bundle. In your class bundle, you will receive everything you need to get started.  

Find a Musikgarten Studio

Musik at Home exists to help you bring structured music education into your child's life! We also exist to come alongside you and your child to supplement classes you are taking in a local Musikgarten Studio near you. Research shows that children who have access to music education consistently (i.e. at home, school, etc) will receive the most developmental benefits. While our classes are offered online through video instruction for you and your child at home on your own schedule, we recognize the value of in-person early childhood music education and encourage it whenever possible. Please click here to access the Musikgarten Teacher Locator to find an instructor near you.
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