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Baby & Toddler Class - Smiles & Slumbers:
Materials needed: Rhythm Sticks, Scarf, Shaker/Rattle

Musically engage your baby with a steady beat as you follow along and join in the rocking, musical play in this carefully crafted class for babies. Toddlers will also love moving to the joyful songs and keeping a steady beat with you! Modify the motions to suit your child's unique personality and mood for the day! Be sure to provide the head support your little one needs as you move, bounce and dance. No need to keep up with every motion seen on the screen. Enjoy, play, have fun. Go at your own pace! When the melody becomes familiar, hum along so your little one hears your voice too! 
(This is a full length free class with one exception! With a membership, you will find the full length of the Musikgarten Recording heard in this class). 

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Joanne Haroutounian, Ph.D. George Mason University School of Music Faculty  

There is a vast array of infant research studies that expounds on the value of early childhood music classes as a way to develop musical talent.  However, we really only need to observe the excitement, joy, and intimacy between infant and adult as they learn to communicate to each other through music to realize its true value.  What better way to experience this joy than in your own home, at a time comfortable for your child and yourself. That is the beauty of, offered to you by Kathryn Brunner. Kathryn offers a vibrant personality, a lovely voice, a real gift for teaching young children, and a solid understanding of a sequenced early childhood curriculum as you enjoy "playing with your child" through music.
Krista Smith, Violinist U.S. Army Orchestra, Mom of 4

I thoroughly enjoyed Kathryn's Musikgarten classes in person over 10 years ago with my oldest son. How special to enjoy these new Musik at Home Musikgarten videos that I can fit into our extremely busy schedule at home with my 4th child! Music is such a special way to bond with young children and has rewards for years to come. As a professional violinist and Suzuki violin teacher I know the importance of music at a young age to develop pitch, rhythm, and musicality. Musikgarten’s excellent curriculum and Kathryn's contagious enthusiasm set the stage for music learning for parents and babies!

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