5: Sky & Weather

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Class 5 - Sky & Weather:
Materials needed: Rhythm Sticks, Scarf, Shaker/Rattle, Glockenspiel or Resonator bars (optional).

Join in the parade of wind, rain, thunder and more as we explore the inspiring sounds and scenes of the sky and weather.

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Additional tips for how to engage your child next time you complete this video:

Greeting Song



Rolling Along

  • Use your hands instead of sticks and insert the word “hands” where I sing “sticks.”


Patterns: Triple, Major

  • Echo my patterns with your voice. What you model, your child will follow.


The Wind Blow East

  • Use only D & A if you are using a glockenspiel.
  • Be my echo on the phrases “wind blow east” and “wind blows west.”
  • Stand up and tap your left foot on “wind blow east.” Tap your right foot on “wind blow west.” Then run around with fast feet on “wind blow the sunshine right down in town.”


Weather Sounds

  • Ask your child what weather sounds she likes! If your child doesn’t suggest any, say “what about wind?” “What about rain?”


Weather is full of the nicest sounds

  • Say: Let’s Dance to weather sounds! Let’s show weather noises with our whole bodies!”
  • Explore different motions to make these wonderful sounds come to life!
  • At the end of the weather sounds, dance any way you’d like!


Clouds: Scarves

  • Try this as a rocking song. Have your child lean on your back and wrap his arms around your neck. Rock back and forth.
  • Rock your child in your lap and imagine being outside looking at cloud shapes in the sky.


Cui, Badinage

  • Imagine the delights of being in a park under the beautiful blue sky with billowing, cumulous clouds overhead.
  • Talk about the instruments you hear in the music (flute, violin, harp).
  • Practice listening for the high vs. low sounds the instruments are making.


I See the Moon

  • Connect your arms together all the way above your head to make a big moon.
  • Use only one slightly bent/curved arm above your head to make the crescent moon.


Underneath the Willow Tree

  • Try this with rhythm sticks: gently touch your nose, knees, shoulders, etc. with the rhythm sticks.


Closing Song

  • Big HUGS for everyone!

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