2: A Walk in the Woods

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Class 2 - A Walk in the Woods:
Materials needed: Rhythm Sticks, Scarf, Shaker/Rattle

Get your imagination rolling as we take a walk in the woods in this charming music and movement class for you and your preschooler. Pet a bunny, wave to the woodsmen, and make sure you stay dry when you get to the creek!

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Additional tips for how to engage your child next time you complete this video:

Come on Everyone

  • Be sure to sing your child’s name into the song.
  • Ask your child what motion he would like to do for his special name song.


When I was a Baby

  • Stand up and dance holding hands in a circle. On the motions, stop dancing and make the motions in an exaggerated fashion.


Patterns (duple)

  • Be sure to do this activity seated and tapping with me.


Ding Dong - I’ve Got the Rhythm

  • Take out your shaker/rattle and shake it in every way you can (up high, down low, behind your back).
  • Don’t feel you have to use any instrument – you can clap with my motions, rub your hands with the rubbing motion, twist and turn while rolling, etc.


It’s a cool summer day, what shall we do?

  • When Kaelyn says “go to the playground,” Press pause and pretend to walk to the playground right there at home in your music area. Imagine climbing up the stairs to go down the slide, sliding down, swinging on a swing, bobbing up and down on the teeter totter, and more!
  • To transition back to the video, say “playground time is done! Let’s go for a walk in the woods! Come on!”


Little Rabbit (STORY) + recorded movement!

  • Point to the rabbit in your room. You will be surprised how REAL this is for your little one as you visualize the rabbit in your mind’s eye, your little ones will too! Imagination takes work for grown ups, but for little ones it’s 100% real, present and happening in real time!
  • Please don’t leave the motions up to your preschooler. Your preschooler will only do what you do! Have fun with this delightful story!


MARSH SOUNDS: Bullfrog, Fly, Belted Kingfisher, Canada Goose
  • Listen and make the sounds with me!
  • Take out your cards and practice identifying them.
  • After repeating this class several times, if your child has done the cards to the point that he is spacing out when this listening section comes on, feel free to skip the video portion and add in your own insect sounds or movements (move like a caterpillar, fly like a butterfly)!



  • Use your rhythm sticks to carry out the motions we use in this song.
  • Ask your child to volunteer her own motion for one of the sons.


Patterns (minor)

  • Echo my patterns with your voice. Wha you model, your child will follow.


Aeolian Lullaby

  • Hold your child however he likes to be held.
  • Have your child put his arms around your neck and rock on your back.


Ludwig van Beethoven: Allegro

  • Pull out your dancing feet and simply dance around the room any way you’d like.
  • Try tapping to the steady beat with your rhythm sticks.


Closing Song

  • Big Hugs for your little one!
  • When class is over say “I love dancing and singing together! Let’s do it again soon!”

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