4: Smiles and Slumbers

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Class 4 - Smiles and Slumbers:
Materials needed: Rhythm Sticks, Scarf, Shaker/Rattle

Bounce and smile, laugh and play as we sing interactive songs for your baby and toddler's musical development. Enjoy connecting with your little one as you model the movements and sing for your child. Toddlers will enjoy this class along with you or alongside a baby brother or sister.

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Additional tips for how to engage your child next time you complete this video:

Bounce Along

  • Try this with rhythm sticks or a scarf.
  • Stand up and dance around your room, turning your child to look at you on the “Smile at me” part of the song.



  • Try staying seated and rocking while stroking your baby from head to toe.
  • Sing this on the syllable loo, la or ba.


Yankee Doodle

  • Be careful if standing and shaking at the same time! This is an advanced motion.
  • Try sitting and shaking the rattle for the whole song.
  • Interchange the rattle for the rhythm sticks.
  • Take your scarf and twirl it in circles around your baby.


Allee Galoo

  • Bounce your baby on your knees and on “Wheee” raise your child up high.
  • Raise your baby up on your knees and on the “Boop boop boop” sounds, lower your baby incrementally down.


Golden Slumbers

  • Stroke your baby as you sing.
  • Sing this song on the syllable Loo loo loo.
  • Sit on the floor and rock your baby gently.

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