1: British Isles

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Class 1 - British Isles:
Materials needed: Rhythm Sticks, Scarf, Shaker/Rattle

Take a trip to the British Isles with the songs you know and love! English nursery rhymes engage your child with rhythm, melody and movement. Your baby, newborn to eighteen months, will enjoy the delightful music and special bonding time with you, all to a steady and rocking beat. Toddlers will also enjoy these classes on their own with you or alongside a baby brother or sister.

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Additional tips for how to engage your child next time you complete this video:

Pop Goes the Weasel

  • When I say Peek a Boo – try saying “Pop” instead.
  • Keep bouncing your child on your knees and raise him up when I say “pop!”
  • Try this song standing up and when I sing “Pop,” do a little jump with your baby.


Michael Finnegan

  • My daughter wasn’t ready to bounce on my knees for this one! Your child might love to bounce along to this entire poem.
  • You can also bounce to the rhythm of this song while standing with your child in arms.


My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

  • Try this seated as a rocking song.
  • Stay seated and try tapping your rhythm sticks with this song.
  • Sing this song with me on the syllable “ba.”



  • Echo me with your voice to model it for your baby.


Diddle Diddle Dumplin

  • Try this with the shaker/rattle. On the final, “My … Son… John….” Raise the rattle higher on each word and shake it up as high as you can on the word “John.”


Gaelic Dance

  • Try using a scarf. Let your child stay seated and play with the scarf while you bounce your scarf to the beat. Tap the beat on your baby’s shoulder or back with your scarf in hand.


Muffin Man

  • Try simply bouncing your child on your knees.
  • If your child is walking, try this by holding your child’s hands and dancing in a circle one direction. When the next verse starts, circle the other direction.
  • Try this with shakers instead of rhythm sticks.

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